An interview with a CrossCourt great...Kyle Ashton

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with a frequent CrossCourt hooper, Kyle Ashton. Here's what we learned: 

CrossCourt:  Where are you from?

Kyle Ashton: Houston, Texas 🤘🏼

CC: HOUSTIFORNICATION! What brought you to LA and how long have you lived here?

KA: The Film & Entertainment Industry brought me out here just over 3 years ago. Since I was a kid I always knew that I wanted to end up on the West Coast.

CC: Now we’re talkin Californication...what do you out here now?

KA: I work for NBA Legend / Entrepreneur / Future Mayor of Los Angeles, @Baron Davis 🎅🏾

CC: The black Santa! What do you do for him?

KA: I was hired to be his Road Manager, which is essentially a glorified executive assistant, but I wear a few different hats at B.D.E  🎩🎩🎩

CC: Versatile—like your style of play. Speaking’ve been hooping with us for a while now. What’s you hoops background? You play AAU growing up?

KA: I grew up playing football, basketball, and baseball, but as I got older really focused on hoops. Played AAU from 5th grade on, and 4 years in high school.

CC: Varsity?

KA: Varsity Junior & Senior year. 1st team All District.

CC: Eyoooooo! Alright last question—getting down to’ve played in a handful of CrossCourt sessions. What keeps you coming back?

KA: I was I supposed to be telling the truth this whole time??? Just kidding. I love the runs. I hate playing pick up and wasting time waiting for games to start/ tracking down who has next, and everything else that comes with playing pickup ball.