An interview with CrossCourt legend...BREDDDDD

Recently, we caught up with CrossCourt great, Brandon Redd AKA BREDD

CrossCourt: CrossCourt fan favorite, Brandon Redd AKA BREDDDDD! Thank you for taking the time today. Let’s get right into it. No soft toss warmup today. You’ve  had some dominant CrossCourt performances. What’s your pre session routine look like for those trying to get that edge that you bring to CrossCourt?
Brandon Redd: When I first hit the court, I always stretch. You want to feel as loose as possible. Get your hips opened up. Then I start under the basket and just shoot close up. Hone in on my wrist action. Learned this from Kyle Korver at Henry Bibby Basketball Camp growing up. It’s called ‘tricking your shot.’

CC: Kyle Korver! Legend meeting a legend. You’re known as a bit of a sharpshooter in the CrossCourt community, but is that how you’d define your game?
BR: I would say I’m an all around player. I try not to have holes in my game, though I can always give more attention to my defense. I tend to shoot from distance more because I find that most teams could use some good spacing. My favorite part of my game is passing. I love setting plays up and seeing the team get involved.

CC: We’ve seen that from you a lot over the last year. Shooting your shot early sets you up for that fake, drive, and kick out to an open man. Moving on from your game…being from LA, you’re a bit of a Lakers aficionado as well. What’s gonna happen this off season? Who are they getting and who are they ditching?
BR: I would love Klay Thompson to join the Lakers. I think he could be the best player at his position in the league. I’d like to see him on a team where he gets more responsibility. I’m also very high on Jimmy Butler. Love his approach to the game and he competes on both ends, as does Klay. The Lakers will bring in a top tier free agent. I remember when LeBron was a long shot.

CC: So you’re hoping Klay or Jimmy Buckets joins forces with Bron. What about AD? You don’t think he’s coming to LA?
BR: AD's on the way. Speaking it into existence. Lakers and David Griffin over in New Orleans can reach a deal.

CC: Sending the positive vibes into the ether. Last question for you: if the apocalypse were coming tomorrow, where would your last meal in LA be and what are you ordering?
BR: New York strip from Mastros, mashed potatoes, and cream spinach. Love my greens.

CC: Ocean Club or Beverly Hills? Big difference.
BR: Penthouse Beverly Hills