CrossCourt Breakdowns: Pascal Siakam's Rise to Prominence

In the past, we've seen players make wide strides to improve their overall game but none quite as quickly as the 25-year-old Cameroonian basketball phenom, Pascal Siakam. We’re going to break down how Siakam has been able to maximize his strengths and become one of the most compelling wing players in today's NBA climate. In the end, you’ll be able to add some of his signature characteristics to your arsenal to improve your game at the next CrossCourt session. 


First and foremost, the physical specimen that is Pascal Siakam standing at 6'9 with a 7'3 wingspan, weighing 230lbs is something that cannot be taught. His physical form is built for the professional realm of basketball. However, his style of play is extremely conducive for the average weekend warrior who is looking to up their game. 

High energy and constantly attacking the rim is the name of the game for Pascal. Throughout the course of his very young NBA career, he's developed a set of standard ball handling skills that allows him to take advantage of his agility and length when getting to the basket. As a right-hand dominant wing, he's practiced finishing both with his right and left hand to keep the defense guessing which allows him to draw contact deep within the paint. 

Even without the rock, Siakam continues to dive and cut towards the rim constantly making him a threat on the offensive end of the ball. His willingness to adjust his positioning on the court in transition or even during half-court sets forces defenses to react, which allows his higher defensive liability teammates (Leonard and Lowry) to operate more freely. Hustling hard and remaining in constant motion takes stamina, but will allow you to reap the benefits of finding open opportunities around the rim. Siakam's mindset of being in regular attack mode is why he could be this year's Most Improved Player. Attack and hustle on both sides of the court, and the results and opportunities create themselves. 


With that said, check out Pascal Siakam utilize his standout skill set during this final stretch of the NBA season and stick with CrossCourt for Breakdowns, original content, and more! Lastly, don't forget to sign up for one of our upcoming sessions here