Travis Scott x Air Jordan + its connection to hoops

Hailing from Houston, Texas, Jaques Berman Webster II, better known by his stage name, Travi$ Scott, has become an elitist member in today's pop culture relevancy. Since the release of his first full-length musical offering entitled, Owl Pharoah, in 2013, he's produced a plethora of hits for major hip-hop artists and a staple for his stadium-status sold-out live productions. 
After signing a deal with Nike/Jordan Brand back in 2017, he's become the brand's go-to celebrity personality for must-cop releases. In his short stint in partnership with the sneaker empire, he's revealed multiple silhouettes that have done numbers in the retail space. Those sneakers include the Travi$ Scott x Nike Air Force I 'AF100', the Houston Oilers-inspired Air Jordan IV 'Cactus Jack', the Travi$ Scott x Air Jordan I as well as multiple unreleased colorways of the Air Jordan IV and a rarely seen Air Jordan VI. 
While Justin Timberlake, Mark Wahlberg, and Drake might have Jordan Brand collaborations worthy of praise, some could argue that their efforts can't be categorized within the same realm of popularity as the "Goosebumps" rapper's collection of Jordan retro remakes. For instance, the recently released Travis Scott x Air Jordan I is one of the most original celebrity collaborative projects we've seen come from the Jumpman labs due to its reinventive aesthetic. No other Jordan Brand ambassador has come forward wanting to redesign an already classic sneaker. While Scott might have come up with the idea to flip the Nike logo on the lateral side of the AJ I, Justin Timberlake and Drake mainly dabbled in personalized colorways for their collabs, making his current collection of sneakers ranked at the top of the Jumpman's most recent collaborative projects. It might be a tiny adjustment to already existing details for the notorious silhouette but it was flawlessly executed moving him up in the rankings as one of Nike/Jordan Brand's best ambassador investments. 
It also doesn't hurt that Scott's been placed at the helm of creativity for the NBA. Earlier this year, it was revealed that he executive produced the soundtrack for NBA 2K19, he also had his own player in the video game as well. Not to mention, the Astroworld curator was called upon to perform at the 2018 NBA Awards and is an ambassador for his hometown Houston Rockets. Not only is Travis Scott's relativity to basketball obvious, it's reflective of hip-hop's relationship to the sport and its most notorious athletes. While the four pillars of hip-hop include DJing, emceeing, B-Boying, and graffiti art, the hidden fifth pillar has always been basketball. The think-on-your-feet, fluid movement, and graceful athletism needed to ball can be considered an artistic calling that has always been respected in the environments where hip-hop thrives the most, the hood. For generations to come, the connectivity between hip-hop and basketball will always be relevant as the two move in unison as aspects of one unified culture. 
With that said, Travis Scott's most recent release in the Travis Scott x Air Jordan I is currently available on platforms like StockX and eBay. And lastly, don't forget to sign up for one of our upcoming CrossCourt sessions, here