What is CrossCourt?

CrossCourt pickup basketball los angeles

We get this question more frequently than any other. While this one message won’t stop the question from coming, our hope is that the people who have taken a moment to pause Fortnite, look away from ESPN, or are just resting between sets of HEAVY lifting, will read this and understand that we’re different. We care about every detail of our players experience — from the chilled waters, to the jerseys, the music, ref, and even sweat towels, we want you, the hooper, to feel the love. So, without further ado…

Wait a second, is this a league?

Nope! CrossCourt is not a league. INSTEAD, we offer one time, organized pick up sessions, so there is no long term commitment and you can ball when you want. You’ll play with a new team every session and experience new competition every week. All ballers are welcome!

Got it, not a league. It’s organized pickup. But what’s organized pickup?

Each CrossCourt Session is an hour and fifteen minutes long and is made up of nine, six minute runs, so each team will play two games in a row, then sit for one game, then play two, sit for one, and so on. There are only 15 players per session so we use a 5 v 5 v 5 rotation to give everyone the exact same, high intensity experience. We have a referee to make sure everything runs smoothly, and scorekeeper to give you that high quality basketball you need. Music is bumping, people are sweating, the vibes are out of control!

This sounds dope, where are you located?

We are based in LA, and always looking for more gyms to partner with, so we can offer more sessions for you!

I want in, how do I know when spots become available for the next session?

Well, the first thing you should do is input your email and contact information on our site either through the popup form or the “Stay in Touch” tab. This way, you will be notified when new sessions are announced. We also recommend following us on Instagram (@crosscourt), and other social media platforms as we drop new sessions on all platforms.

Okay I’m ready to ball, how do I sign up?

Click “I wanna ball” below. We’ll wait…

Great! Now all you have to do is show up to the gym 10–15 minutes early to warm up. When you arrive, a jersey, towel, and ice cold water will be waiting for you. We recommend showing up early because we tip-off on the dot!

Other Questions?

Please email info@crosscourtball.com, DM us on Instagram @crosscourt, or find us on Facebook if you have any questions!