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How we're changing basketball

CrossCourt aims to fill the void that exists between the demand for pick up basketball and the lack of organization surrounding it. We want to make basketball accessible and available to all hoopers at the click of a button. No more trying to find a gym or court to play on. Stop endlessly texting or calling your friends trying to get a run going. CrossCourt puts an end to all of the uncertainty and hassle involved with trying to play quality pick up basketball. We rent out the gym and use our online platform to build the teams for you. All you have to do is reserve your spot on our site and show up to the gym ready to...

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What is CrossCourt?

We get this question more frequently than any other. While this one message won’t stop the question from coming, our hope is that the people who have taken a moment to pause Fortnite, look away from ESPN, or are just resting between sets of HEAVY lifting, will read this and understand that we’re different. We care about every detail of our players experience — from the chilled waters, to the jerseys, the music, ref, and even sweat towels, we want you, the hooper, to feel the love. So, without further ado… Wait a second, is this a league? Nope! CrossCourt is not a league. INSTEAD, we offer one time, organized pick up sessions, so there is no long term commitment and you can...

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